Quality. Maverick. Winning.

Badass! I’ve owned and loved this deck for a while, so I naturally HAD to have the app. Being Galaxy Tone, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. The images are clear and crisp, the spreads are impressive, the functionality is great (even on my old Galaxy S2) and the overall feel of the app is dark and delightful.
— review from Judy Kerr

Not for everyone - but definitely for me! A modern deck with the meaning plainly written on the card, it’s ideal for quick readings for unconventional people. I gave this four stars because it isn’t going to appeal to all tarot fanatics, but it was immediately more appealing to me than many other decks I’ve been playing with lately.
— review from Emily Breder
A modern tarot for a modern age I love the interpretations of the cards - they are really relevant whilst remaining true to the traditional meanings. It’s like seeing the cards in a new, fresh light.
— review from Jem Collins