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Perfect. I have searched extensively for a useful rune app, this one is by far the best. I was so impressed, I bought the full version within minutes of opening the app. All of the features are great and the app runs flawlessly. A great way to get to know the runes, their meaning, and pronunciation.
— Jeff Grenier
Wonderful! Easy to use and very informative. A great way to learn about Runes! The app runs smooth with no issues. I bought the pro version after i used the free one for a long while and i never buy anything but this was worth it. Thanks!
— K. Thompson
Awesome I don’t think any divination hits as close to home. This app is the closest to what type I was introduced to. Barely any ads. Lots of free info. Just great.
— Evan Ragsdale
I thoroughly enjoy this app and use it almost every day. If I have a question that I’m just not sure of the answer or which way I should go in a situation I consult universal answers through the runes.
— Bonnie Marie Hosey
It’s on point everyday so far. I’m happy that my husband told me about this app!!
— Ashley Howell
Great app. I love this app. Its wonderful to learn one rune each day.
— Nicole Bryson