The Empress


creativity, nurturing, sensuality, art, beauty, nature, abundance, mother

The Empress represents creativity, devotion, and abundance. She is a loving mother, infinitely inspired to nurture what she loves. Her generous and loving spirit is restored through enjoyment of the arts, all pleasurable sense experiences, and connecting with natural beauty.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Empress advises...

  • Devote yourself to nurturing something you love: your children, your friendships, your art, or your business. Where ever you turn your loving attention, there will be growth.
  • Restore your strength and spirit by indulging your sensual nature. Nourish yourself with whole foods. Make passionate love. Create something with your hands. Dance to your favorite music. Beautify your surroundings.
  • Connect with nature by working in a garden, going for a hike, or deeply inhaling the scent of trees, flowers, or the ocean.
  • It may be a time to connect with your mother or a mother figure, or to consider the way your relationship with a devoted parent has affected you.

The Empress warns...

  • Beware that your devotion may feel overbearing or possessive to someone.
  • Beware of giving too much and neglecting your own needs. This can lead to exhaustion and even ill health.
  • Beware of overindulging your senses. The long term effects may be undesireable.

The Empress predicts...

The Empress is a lovely indicator of success and abundance. Devote yourself to what you truly love, and you are likely to be very happy with the results.

The Empress represents someone who is...

  • creative
  • devoted
  • loving
  • nurturing
  • generous
  • compassionate
  • sensual
  • passionate
  • a lover of the arts
  • overindulgent
  • overbearing
  • a mother or other loving parental figure
  • a pregnant woman
  • an artist or craftsperson
  • a nature-lover, ecologist, gardener