The Hierophant


conscience, morality, tradition, conformity, expert, teacher, religion, ceremony

The Hierophant is the card of shared values and beliefs. He teaches the accepted knowledge and traditions of your culture. He relies on principles of philosophy and religion, and the teachings of the masters who came before him.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Hierophant advises...

  • Look to tradition and the norms of your family or culture for guidance or advice in this situation. This could be something that others in your group have dealt with and overcome in the past.
  • This may be a time to refer to the experts and masters in your field to advance your learning. You may consider seeking a mentor, teacher, or counselor at this time.
  • The Hierophant may be urging you to do the right thing. Check in with your conscience. Make sure what you are considering is in alignment with what you value.
  • Examine your beliefs. You may be acting and thinking based on beliefs you formed in childhood and that you have never questioned. If those beliefs are not in line with your current vaues, consider doing the work to replace them.

The Hierophant warns...

  • Beware of being overly concerned about what other people think. You are the one that needs to live with your choices.
  • If you are a teacher or leader, beware of becoming rigid in your teachings. Be open to learning new things, possibly from your students.
  • Beware of relying on unexamined beliefs. It may be a time to break free from what you were taught in your family or childhood education, and make up your own mind about something.

The Hierophant predicts...

When The Hierophant appears as an outcome, it is likely that this situation will unfold in a conventional manner. The path forward has been tread by many before you.

The Hierophant represents someone who is...

  • traditional
  • conscientious
  • principled
  • scholarly
  • conservative
  • habitual
  • old-fashioned
  • conformist
  • dogmatic
  • self-righteous
  • judgemental
  • a teacher
  • a religious or spiritual leader