The Chariot


progress, focus, self-discipline, triumph, alignment, travel, transport

The Chariot is a card of progress and triumph. It represents alignment of action in the outer, material world with inner, spiritually motivated desire. The charioteer is confident in himself and the goodness of what he seeks; he moves forward with self-discipline and focus. The Chariot can also represent travel and transportation.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Chariot advises...

  • It is time to take control of a situation in your life. Stay focused on your goal. Harness all of your resources to get to where you want to go. Forego short-term gratification for long-term accomplishment.
  • This situation may be testing your conviction and ambition. Check in with your self. If this is something that feels deeply aligned with your spirit, it may be worth the fight.
  • There may be an opportunity available to you now that could lead to tremendous growth and success. It may require that you push yourself beyond what you are already familiar and comfortable with.

The Chariot warns...

  • Beware of aiming for progress without spiritual alignment. If achieving your goals involves "running over" other people, your goals need to be realigned.
  • Beware of rushing forward without first completing the foundational steps necessary to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to run a marathon, and you don't spend the proper time conditioning your body, you could get badly injured.
  • Beware of working so hard to achieve your goals that your life becomes badly out of balance.

The Chariot predicts...

The Chariot can indicate success, but a great deal of self-discipline and integrity are required. Be sure that your outward actions are aligned with your spiritual wisdom.

The Chariot represents someone who is...

  • focused
  • determined
  • motivated
  • confident
  • self-disciplined
  • successful
  • courageous
  • noble
  • fast
  • self-absorbed
  • ruthless
  • compulsive
  • self-centred

The Lovers


love, partnership, connection, vulnerability, wholeness, crossroads, choice

The Lovers is a card of connection, partnership, intimacy, and love. It represents the coming together of opposites to create something greater than the sum of the individual parts. This card teaches us that we are all connected and that our choices have an impact beyond our personal sphere of experience.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Lovers advises...

  • Allow your emotions to propel you. Drop your emotional defences and feel your passion in all its intensity.
  • Shared intimacy with another may be immensely fulfilling now.
  • This situation requires that you act holistically. Use your rationality and your emotions, your creativity and practicality. Acting holistically also means considering the way your choices will affect others.
  • Whatever you do now, act from your heart. Let perfect, unconditional love be your compass. Ask yourself, "Am I acting from a place of love?"
  • Celebrate the love in your life in all of its forms: passion, friendship, caring, spiritual devotion, and self-love.
  • Seeking a partner with skills, knowledge, or other qualities that are different but complementary to your own could be beneficial in this situation.

The Lovers warns...

  • Beware of seeking something external to yourself in order to feel complete. A feeling of emptiness comes from failure to accept our whole selves, not from a lack of anything outside ourselves.
  • Beware of losing your individuality in a partnership.

The Lovers predicts...

When The Lovers appears as an outcome, you can expect both material and spiritual fulfillment. It is important to remember your interconnection with everything. This is not a time to act selfishly.

The Lovers represents someone who is...

  • attractive
  • magnetic
  • at an important crossroads in their life
  • passionate
  • committed
  • approachable
  • friendly
  • codependent
  • a romantic partner
  • a business partner
  • a matchmaker
  • a wedding officiant

The Hierophant


conscience, morality, tradition, conformity, expert, teacher, religion, ceremony

The Hierophant is the card of shared values and beliefs. He teaches the accepted knowledge and traditions of your culture. He relies on principles of philosophy and religion, and the teachings of the masters who came before him.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Hierophant advises...

  • Look to tradition and the norms of your family or culture for guidance or advice in this situation. This could be something that others in your group have dealt with and overcome in the past.
  • This may be a time to refer to the experts and masters in your field to advance your learning. You may consider seeking a mentor, teacher, or counselor at this time.
  • The Hierophant may be urging you to do the right thing. Check in with your conscience. Make sure what you are considering is in alignment with what you value.
  • Examine your beliefs. You may be acting and thinking based on beliefs you formed in childhood and that you have never questioned. If those beliefs are not in line with your current vaues, consider doing the work to replace them.

The Hierophant warns...

  • Beware of being overly concerned about what other people think. You are the one that needs to live with your choices.
  • If you are a teacher or leader, beware of becoming rigid in your teachings. Be open to learning new things, possibly from your students.
  • Beware of relying on unexamined beliefs. It may be a time to break free from what you were taught in your family or childhood education, and make up your own mind about something.

The Hierophant predicts...

When The Hierophant appears as an outcome, it is likely that this situation will unfold in a conventional manner. The path forward has been tread by many before you.

The Hierophant represents someone who is...

  • traditional
  • conscientious
  • principled
  • scholarly
  • conservative
  • habitual
  • old-fashioned
  • conformist
  • dogmatic
  • self-righteous
  • judgemental
  • a teacher
  • a religious or spiritual leader

The Emperor


personal power, responsibility, boundaries, rules, logic, authority, father

The Emperor represents leadership and responsibility, logic, structure, laws and rules. He is the archetypal father of the Tarot. His disciplined and rational nature helps him achieve his mighty and noble ambitions.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Emperor advises...

  • Use rationality and logic to consider the situation.
  • Increase the stability in your life. You may need to set limits on your behavior to achieve your goals.
  • If you have a position of leadership, use your intellect to make the best decisions for your team.
  • It is OK to defend your personal boundaries. If someone or something is intruding on your space or energy, protect yourself.
  • Connect with your father or another paternal figure in your life, or think about how your relationship with them is affecting you now.

The Emperor warns...

  • Beware of abusing your position of authority or of trying to control others or of being overly critical.
  • Beware of being rigidly attached to a certain outcome.
  • Beware of how you might be guarding your emotions. This may a situation where you can be more vulnerable.

The Emperor predicts...

The Emperor can indicate success if you act with courage and responsibility. Self-discipline and rationality are key to achieving the outcome you desire.

The Emperor represents someone who is...

  • a leader
  • powerful
  • ambitious
  • responsible
  • disciplined
  • competent
  • organized
  • protective
  • reliable
  • logical
  • controlling
  • stubborn
  • rigid
  • a father or stern parental figure
  • someone with authority such as a boss, landlord, police

The Empress


creativity, nurturing, sensuality, art, beauty, nature, abundance, mother

The Empress represents creativity, devotion, and abundance. She is a loving mother, infinitely inspired to nurture what she loves. Her generous and loving spirit is restored through enjoyment of the arts, all pleasurable sense experiences, and connecting with natural beauty.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Empress advises...

  • Devote yourself to nurturing something you love: your children, your friendships, your art, or your business. Where ever you turn your loving attention, there will be growth.
  • Restore your strength and spirit by indulging your sensual nature. Nourish yourself with whole foods. Make passionate love. Create something with your hands. Dance to your favorite music. Beautify your surroundings.
  • Connect with nature by working in a garden, going for a hike, or deeply inhaling the scent of trees, flowers, or the ocean.
  • It may be a time to connect with your mother or a mother figure, or to consider the way your relationship with a devoted parent has affected you.

The Empress warns...

  • Beware that your devotion may feel overbearing or possessive to someone.
  • Beware of giving too much and neglecting your own needs. This can lead to exhaustion and even ill health.
  • Beware of overindulging your senses. The long term effects may be undesireable.

The Empress predicts...

The Empress is a lovely indicator of success and abundance. Devote yourself to what you truly love, and you are likely to be very happy with the results.

The Empress represents someone who is...

  • creative
  • devoted
  • loving
  • nurturing
  • generous
  • compassionate
  • sensual
  • passionate
  • a lover of the arts
  • overindulgent
  • overbearing
  • a mother or other loving parental figure
  • a pregnant woman
  • an artist or craftsperson
  • a nature-lover, ecologist, gardener

The High Priestess


intuition, spirituality, inner wisdom, silence, mysteries, receptivity

The High Priestess represents our inner wisdom and intuition. She trusts the answers that come from within. She flows with her own personal rhythm and is deeply connected with the rhythms of the planet and cosmos.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The High Priestess advises...

  • Solitude and silence will help you turn inward to find answers. Trust your inner wisdom. It may be helpful to create a sacred space for yourself. This could be as simple as lighting a candle with intention.
  • Seek guidance from a trusted and wise friend or counsellor. If someone is asking you for help, listen carefully and guide them towards their own answers.
  • Tune into your personal rhythm. Notice your feelings at different times of the day, week, and month. Flow with this rhythm for greater ease.
  • This may be a time when silence is the best approach.

The High Priestess warns...

  • Beware of waiting for others to "read your mind". If you're waiting for someone to figure out how you feel, it may be more useful to have an honest conversation.
  • Beware of retreating so far into your own world that you are totally disconnected from others.

The High Priestess predicts...

The High Priestess indicates that you must trust your intuition in this situation. It is likely that you already know the answer to your question.

The High Priestess represents someone who is...

  • calm
  • quiet
  • observant
  • a careful listener
  • wise
  • spiritual
  • self-contained
  • independent
  • introverted
  • emotionally distant
  • a wise or spiritual counsellor or mentor
  • mystic, witch, psychic, or tarot reader

The Magician


ability, resourcefulness, vision, discernment, illusion, magic

The Magician represents vision and ability. He has a clear vision of what he wants and the will and resources to make it happen. He is powerful and intentional.

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam-A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Magician advises...

  • You have a real opportunity to achieve a goal now. The key is to work to clarify your vision, and then focus on that vision until it is a reality. When your intentions and actions are aligned, real magic occurs.
  • It is important to align your thoughts and actions with your desires. If there is something you want, but your thoughts are discouraging, or your actions are out of alignment, start to make small changes. Start each day by asking yourself, "What do I need to think and do today to get closer to my goal?"
  • Start gathering the resources and making the connections you need to pursue your goals. Being informed, well-prepared, and using your words skillfully may be very helpful now.

The  Magician warns...

  • Beware of harming others in the pursuit of your own goals. Sometimes when we really want something, our vision becomes too focused and we can be blind to others' desires.
  • Beware of someone trying to deceive or manipulate you to gain what they desire.

The Magician predicts...

The outcome of this situation is up to you. You have an opportunity now. If you commit yourself to your vision, and take concrete action, it is very likely that you will achieve what you desire.

The Magician represents someone who is...

  • intentional
  • confident
  • competent
  • focused
  • determined
  • resourceful
  • clever
  • good with words
  • deceptive
  • manipulative
  • self-centred
  • a magician
  • a visionary
  • a practitioner of magick

The Fool


possibility, beginnings, trust, innocence, playfulness

The Fool represents a fresh start. He has a beginner's mind, free of assumptions and open to possibilities. The Fool is fun-loving and adventurous. He is a trickster, and brings lightness and humour to a situation.

Pam A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Pam A edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Fool advises...

  • Nurture a beginner's state of mind. Try to let go of assumptions. Be curious and open-minded. Rather than trying to control the future, focus on the present. Let your instincts guide you.
  • Try something new. Say "Yes!" to a spontaneous adventure. Create more space for possibility in your life!
  • Have some fun. Forget about your worries for a while.
  • Take a playful approach to the situation. Fooling around may lead to a creative solution.

The Fool warns...

  • Be sure you are not behaving dangerously or risking something you can't afford to lose. 
  • Beware of being gullible. Someone may be trying to take advantage of your trusting nature.
  • Beware of always seeking the next new thing instead of following through with existing projects or relationships.

The Fool predicts...

This situation will unfold in a surprising way. If you can be comfortable with uncertainty, you may be delighted in the outcome.

The Fool represents someone who...

  • is...
    • open-minded 
    • accepting
    • fun-loving
    • adventurous
    • spontaneous
    • immature
    • foolish
    • reckless
    • irresponsible
  • follows their instincts
  • goes with the flow
  • avoids commitment