In the Tarot Illuminati every detail is meaningful, each scene a rich and sumptuous tapestry of colour, action, expressions, and nature.
— Kim Huggens, "Complete Guide to Tarot Illuminati"

Tarot Illuminati. Critically Acclaimed. Award Winning. Luminous. Radiant.

  • Tarot Deck of the Year. Tarot Professionals, 2013.
  • Tarot Art of the Year, The High Priestess. Tarot Professionals, 2013.
  • Outstanding Tarot DeckAcademy of Cartomancy Arts & Science, 2013.
  • Outstanding Illustrator for Tarot, Erik C. Dunne. Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Science, 2013.
  • Outstanding Tarot Deck Collaboration, Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens. Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Science, 2013.
  • Most Popular Deck of 2013. Aeclectic Tarot.

Exceptional! This revolutionary tarot deck is truly complimented by Galaxy Tone’s masterful app.
— Pamela Steele
Gorgeous and clear. The pictures on these cards are breathtaking. They are gorgeous. The imagery is rich and complex. The messages are clearly outlined in the exposition written about each card. There are many excellent spreads to use with the cards.
— Jake McPherson
Tarot for the 21st century. This is a great way to keep the Tarot with you at all times. The deck is beautiful and the interpretations are inspiring.
— Mark Davidson
Beautiful Tarot Cards. Just learning but am in love with the energy & beauty of these cards & this app. Card of the Day is always right on!
— Cyndy Fisher
This app is a brilliant representation of a brilliantly beautiful deck. I own this deck and this app is a perfect representation of the beauty and magic of the deck, a masterful creation by the brilliant Erik C Dunne.
— Matt Suter